Not all chalk pieces are created to be seen from high above and remain untouched. For the 20th anniversary of Chalk the Block in downtown St. Joseph, Nate Baranowski created a piece to be viewed from a very particular angle, and he invited viewers to lie, sit, and interact with the piece. Sponsored by Southwestern Michigan College, Nate spent hours between Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th filling the corner of Broad Street with chalk. If you wanted to get an awesome picture of yourself at Chalk the Block, this was the place to be…



Step by step, here's how Nate created an amazing 3-d piece of art right on Broad Street in downtown St. Joe!

Photos by Joshua Nowicki and Nate Baranowski

Nate started with layers of yellow, white, brown, and shades of blue tempera paint for a smooth surface. 

With help from his family, Nate's landscape of mountains started to be chalked in. 

A man appeared on the cliff, somewhat distorted to viewers gazing over the piece. 

From the rooftop at Ryebelle's, you could see the piece grow, though the proportions looked a little strange. 

Nate added lots of detail to the piece throughout Saturday and early Sunday. 

As the piece came into it's final stages, there was a crowd curious to see what the final product would appear as. 

Finally, the piece was ready for some fun! 

Here's Nate Baranowski, artist, showing us the excitement to be found with his piece at Chalk the Block!




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