With just 11 days of shopping left until Christmas, it's time to see what some of our awesome local retailers have in store! 


Whether you're a resident of the Great Lakes State or just a fan, PurelyMichigan has the perfect gifts for the person who wants to wear their Michigan pride. From mittens (of course) to shirts to jewelry, here's some ways for you to wear your Michigan love year-round. 



We are the “Mitten State”…so let’s start with mittens! Two peninsulas for two hands, offered in a multitude of colors. We like these red plaid ones, just in time for Christmas!


Keep toes warm too with socks proclaiming Michigan pride! Offered in blue, or choose between U of M and State (if there’s any choice at all…)




Upnorth Michigan’s nod to a campfire can be found on shirts, patches, stickers and hats throughout PurelyMichigan. We love this interpretation of the mitten, and just looking at the campfire keeps us feeling toasty!




Of course, it’s the Great Lakes that shape our state into the mitten. Celebrate those bodies of blue in this “Great Lakes Girl” sweatshirt! 




Michigan gear isn’t solely for grownups, of course. PurelyMichigan offers a wide variety for tiny wolverines, like these onsies. 




We love the Michigan-themed jewelry too, with stamps of our mitten in gold and silver. There’s also plenty of bling with Petoskey stones, too! The Petoskey stone is the state stone of Michigan, unique to our state and formed as a result of glaciers. Talk about an interesting piece to wear, bringing that awesome piece of Michigan with you! 


PurelyMichigan is located at 406 State Street in St. Joseph, Michigan. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram!