Livery Logo
See-Saw from The Livery
190 5th St. Benton Harbor, MI 49022

See-Saw is a Belgian Whit made with fresh lemon and orange peel, coriander, and chamomile. It's described as a sunny, refreshing, and citrusy brew. 

Simon Rusk recently took over as Head Brewer for The Livery, a microbrewery in the Benton Harbor Arts District. This was the last beer Simon and former Head Brewer David Sawyer brewed together. They wanted a name that invoked the feeling of spring and summer, and also paid tribute to Sawyer's contribution to the brewery. So, Simon became "See" (inspired by the Spanish pronunciation of Si), and Sawyer became "Saw", and boom there you have it! 

The Livery is open 7 days a week, for lunch too! Check out their website here, and Facebook.      

Cultivate LogoPursue from Cultivate
961 E. Shawnee Rd, Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Pursue is a Witbeir, with 4.7% ABV. It's a light-bodied, pale, straw-colored beer, also slighly sweet with notes of citrus rind and floral coriander. 

Hannah Lee, the head brewer at Cultivate, brewed Pursue. It's a good introduction to those who haven't explored many craft beers and are looking to pursue development of their craft beer palates. Described in three words as refreshing, dreamy, and citrus (y), this is a great spring and summer beer for the novice or experienced drinker.

Cultivate is open Wednesday-Sunday through March; extended hours begin April 1st. Check out their website here, and Facebook.   

Silver Harbor Logo
Ginger the Blonde Ale from Silver Harbor Brewing
721 Pleasant St. Saint Joseph, MI 49085

Ginger the Blonde Ale is a very light, drinkable, and refreshing spring beer, made with local honey and finishing with lemon and ginger. It comes in at 5.25% ABV, and is described by brewmaster Christian as "...the perfect spring beer to transition you from the freezing cold winter into the beautiful Michigan spring." This brew will be featured at Silver Harbor's opening night in April. There's quite a story behind it; I'll let the masterminds at Silver Harbor tell you!

"This beer was actually inspired by our brewmaster Christian while he was having a beer with his wife and she decided to mix the IPA he was drinking with the Vanilla Porter she was drinking. This ended up being a mistake and tasted awful! But the concept was fun and if done well could be an excellent beer. Christian made a 3 gallon batch of his amber ale, a drier, slightly bitter and malty beer. He wanted to combine it with a beer that was sweeter, flavorful, and original. So he made another 3-gallon batch of a light blonde ale. This blonde ale used honey, fresh ginger, and lemon peel. The two 3 gallon batches combined in a 5 gallon corny keg was decent. An interesting and fun play on a new idea. However, the remaining half gallon of blonde was fantastic! Christian took this recipe and made some minor adjustments over a few homebrew batches and eventually scaled it up to our 10 barrel brewhouse. Now we add 62 lbs of fresh honey from a local bee keeper, fresh ginger, and fresh lemon peel. This blonde ale comes in a 5.25% alcohol and is very light, drinkable and refreshing. The honey comes through very nicely in the aroma and flavor profile, but finishes with a lemon and ginger sweetness. Malty flavors are present in this brew with a slight citrusy bitterness from the addition of cascade hops."    - Christian, Silver Harbor Brewing Company

 Silver Harbor Brewing will be open in April 2016; check out their progress on their website, or Facebook.   

Enjoy your Michigan spring beers; drink local!