I am new to the area, but this job has really given me a crash course in what to do in Michigan’s Great Southwest. My favorite part of the workweek is meeting members of St. Joseph Today, and hearing about their organizations and businesses through their lens.

Last weekend was a little different- I had the opportunity to visit the Curious Kid’s Museum not as a St. Joe Today employee, but as a visitor. It was fun to have an authentic experience…toddler in tow, of course! 

Clementine (the toddler) and I went to the Curious Kids’ Museum, located at 415 Lake Boulevard in downtown St. Joseph. It’s a large brick building, with an enviable view of the lighthouse, fountain, and beach. After stopping at the statues in front and discussing why the horse was not a the Carousel (toddlers, man!), we headed inside.

Volcano Slide
Volcano Slide was the first stop! It was irresistible; Clementine ran past everything else. 

We visited on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and had plenty of space to explore the exhibits. The Curious Kids’ Museum is not too big, and uses their space well with versatile exhibits. There were exhibits great for preschool age, and for older kids, too. It was awesome to see how they could be utilized by different ages!

Quake Table
Earthquake Table...so much fun! None of our structures stood (but I'm not sure we were trying...). 

There's an ambulance upstairs, and a firetruck. I barely fit, but managed to get in the back for a picture!  

We spent a lot of time at the water table in the toddler area. There was an old-school pump, fitting with the farm theme!

There is a vet's office! Clementine was having fun taking care of the animals. I think she's picking the dog's nose here, but I could be wrong!

 This was really cool; you could pick apples off the trees then load them back in. She was a little short, but insisted on doing it herself. 

The museum was a great spot to spend some time; I'm looking forward to going down to their Discovery Zone site soon, too. Clementine will be excited for another research trip!

The Curious Kids' Museum is a non-profit, and has been serving the community since 1989. Here’s the mission statement:

The Curious Kids' Museum encourages discovery, wonder and awe for children. This interactive hands-on playground for the mind fulfills its educational leadership role by stimulating curiosity, awareness and life preparedness in Science, Culture, History and Technology. Through its programs and exhibits, the Museum encourages people of all ages to explore the world around them in a unique and open-ended manner.

The Curious Kids’ Museum is open year-round; check their website or Facebook for updates!