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12 Corners Logo  

12 Corners: Blue Creek Semi-Dry Rose 
This wine is tastefully balanced with a proprietor blend of grapes. It has seductive hints of juicy, ripe plum and fresh spring fruits tempt the palate.

Baroda Founders LogoEdit2

Baroda Founders: Luce Del Sole
This is a Vouvray style white wine; it is a fruity semi dry white wine that strikes the right balance of acidity and sweetness.


Dablon Winery: 2015 Rose
Cranberry on the nose invites you to take a sip of this refreshing Rosé. Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, the first Rosé Dablon Winery ever produced!

Updated Free Run Logo

Free Run Cellars: Mezzo
A delicious white, it’s recommended to let breathe to fully appreciate rich examples of peach & mango.


Gravity Winery: Blueberry
This fruit wine has that fresh-picked plump and ready taste with 100% local blueberries. These would be the blueberries in "Grandma's pie filling"; there is a hint of cinnamon.

Lazy Ballerina

Lazy Ballerina Winery: Sweet Nita’s Red
This drinkable red starts with vanilla on the nose. Since it is made with classic Concord juice grapes, you get a lot of bold fruit on the tongue to start, but it finishes with a tart cherry flavor for a well-balanced wine that is a perfect one to drink in the sun. It is a great wine to turn into a spring sangria, and is often a favorite for those new or unaccustomed wine drinkers.


Lemon Creek Winery: 2013 Pinot Noir
This dry red is silky smooth, with hints of currant and cherry, and a finishing note of oaken vanilla. It has soft, round tannins.


Round Barn Winery: Sauvignon Blanc
A classic white, this is crisp and elegant with tropical fruit character.


White Pine Winery: Pinot Grigio
It's light and crisp, with flavors of honey dew melon, green apple, pear and a hint of lime zest.

Next Wednesday, we’ll be talking more about the winemakers, and the stories behind the names of these wines. Look for that post on April 20th, and a post about how to pair these wines with food on April 27th!