Pineapple Grapefruit Balsamic Sorbet

(no ice cream maker needed!)

3 cups frozen pineapple
5 TBS Olive Cart Grapefruit White Balsamic
1.5 TBS Olive Cart Key Lime Avocado Oil 

Throw it all in a food processor and puree. Instant yumminess! You can also put in a bowl and use an immersion blender. 


Summertime Strawberry Balsamic Mojitos

2 tbs. Olive Cart strawberry white balsamic
4 ea. thin slices fresh lime
10 ea. leaves fresh mint
2 tsp. Olive Cart strawberry zinfandel jam
2 ea. fresh strawberries
3 oz. rum
16 oz. club soda

1. Begin by adding to each glass: 5 mint leaves, 1 slice of lime, 1 tbs. strawberry white balsamic, and 1 tsp. strawberry zinfandel jam. Muddle mixture until mint leaves are bruised.
2. Next to each glass add 1.5 oz. rum. Fill glass with ice and add club soda equally between each glass. Stir gently to combine.
3. Garnish each drink with another thin slice of lime and a fresh strawberry.

Huckleberry Rice Krispie Bars

- 5 cups Rice Krispies
- 1 Package Mini Marshmallows
- 1.5 TBS Olive Cart Lemon Avocado Oil
-2 teas Olive Cart Avocado Oil
-3 TBS Olive Cart Huckleberry Balsamic

- Place marshmallows, Oils and balsamic in microwave safe bowl and microwave 2 mins or until puffy and melted. (Stove top method can be used as well.)
- Stir in Rice Krispies
- Wipe down a baking sheet and spatula with oil of your choice
--Spread out Rice Krispie Mixture and let set up.


Olive Cart also dedicates a full week to giving back.  Beginning  today (Thursday April 21st) through Wednesday April 27th, Olive Cart will donate 10% of all sales to The American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  Our Saint Joseph store will be supporting the Relay for Life of Berrien County, and the South Haven Store will support the Relay for Life of Van Buren West (Bangor).

So stop in and let us share our recipes or help you create your own signature dish, while fighting back against cancer.

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