There are 7 miles of trails! I'm a fan of the River Trail. 

I discovered the Sarett Nature Center on a visit before I moved here. It’s tucked away among farms and forest preserves, and the destination lends itself to adventure. As you wind up Red Arrow Highway, you turn at the 12 corners area, and The trails were beautiful in the fall, especially the boardwalk that soars into the treetops. It was a really awesome way to experience the fall foliage! Over the winter, they offered cross country skiing.

SarettTreeTopWalkwayThe boardwalk soars up into a treetop trestle, awesome at any time of year.  

ClementineintheWebThe adventure playground has a human-sized spider web!

HersheyBunnyHershey, the bunny, is a favorite. The large brown rabbit contently munches lettuce while kids pet him. I've never seen such a friendly rabbit! He actually slides right up to the side of the cage when he sees "fans" approaching. 

Through the year, they offer programs like nature yoga, geocaching, and lots of programs for kids. It's worth the trip over for a program or just to wander in the woods and visit the animals. Hershey is great, and you can also visit some tiny schreech owls, a wide variety of turtles, and if you feel brave, there's a whole room of reptiles and bugs. 

The butterfly house re-opens on May 15th; I’m excited to head over! They are looking for volunteers in the butterfly house and main building, too.  

You can find their program guides here, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest