5.10SilverHarborKitchenAid 5.10BentonHarborLibraryKitchenAid 5.10WaterStGlassworksKitchenAid
Silver Harbor Brewing Company, Benton Harbor Public Library, Water St. Glassworks

5.10LazyBallerinaKitchenAid 5.10FuzzyButzKitchenAid 5.10PapaVinosKitchenAid
Lazy Ballerina Winery, FuzzyButz Pet Bakery, Papa Vino's Italian Kitchen

5.10BitofSwissKitchenAidWinner 5.10LanaKitchenAid 5.10OliveCart
Bit of Swiss Bakery, Lana's Boutique, The Olive Cart

5.10SMSOKitchenAid 5.10CandlestickKitchenAid 5.10PurelyMichiganKitchenAid 
Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, The Candlestick Maker, PurelyMichigan

5.11StateStAntiques 5.12GalleryOnTheAlley 5.12WhitePineWinery
State St. Antiques, Gallery on the Alley, White Pine Winery

Chalet on the Lake

5.12MimisCupcakesDesignByLisa 5.12UpHigh
Design by Lisa at Mimi's Cupcakes
Lisa Vetne painted this awesome racing Stand Mixer for display in the Mimi's Cupcakes window!

5.11bb 5.11Grins 5.11Edgewater 5.11Kilwins
bread + bar, Grins of St. Joseph, Edgewater Bank, Kilwin's

Lakeshore Excellence Foundation (it's at the high school, so of course there's texting!)

ARS Gallery, Days of Yore Antiques, Lambrecht's Liquors, Lazy Daisy, The Livery Microbrewery, reVive Spa