5.21NickMoss 5.21NickMossandCrowd  Coco Montoya, Tinsley Ellis, and the Nick Moss Band were the headliners. As the sun set over Lake Michigan, they rocked the house!

5.21SamandGuitar 5.21DancewithSam 5.21SamBushBand
Sam Bush's new-grass got everyone up and dancing!

5.21DancingFriends 5.21YoungCouple 5.21DanieleEmilyMatt
We found dancers in the crowd, as well as folks camped out in the grass. Volunteers and staff wore the blue shirts; as you can see here, even volunteering at the festival was a great time!

5.21Crowd 5.21Fountainatsunset
There was a crowd from 12:00 until 8:00! The first people in line arrived at 10:30am.

5.21LarksThumbsUp 5.21LarkDogs 5.21Greenbush
There were 9 food vendors, including two impressive trucks. Lark's BBQ from Benton Harbor and the Greenbush Brisket Van from Sawyer rolled in with some impressive rigs, and enthusiastic staff. 

5.21SophieandCrew 5.21WithBaby 5.21InTheGrass
We're excited to see you next year for the 5th Annual BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass!