6.6Crowd 6.6StJoeKids
The concert was held outdoors in the John E. N. Howard Bandshell, at the end of State Street. It was a beautiful night for an outdoor concert; the audience had a view of the river and lake. The bandshell is nearby the Whitcomb Retirement home, and many residents came out on the beautiful night to support the students. 

6.6Flute 6.6OldestFlute
There were 5 bands from Lake Michigan Catholic Schools, ranging from the 5th and 6th graders through high school. It's a treat to hear the progression, and definitely inspiring to the younger students to share a venue with the oldest band. 

Joe Jarvie is a 30-year veteran of band direction. He created a wonderful presentation, showcasing the student's talents as well as hard work. 

6.6Guitar 6.6Trumpet 6.6.SweetSax
One of the five bands was the newest addition- the high school jazz band! The Spring Concert marked their community debut. 

You can find more information about Lake Michigan Catholic Schools here; check out their Facebook page, too.