We recommend calling or visiting the farm’s websites before you head out to pick. Fruit seasons vary, and can change at the drop of a hat.

Cherries at Lemon Creek Winery and Farm
(269) 471-1321


At Lemon Creek Winery and Farm, you can pick rainier cherries! These are a super sweet red and yellow variety. They won’t stain your hands as you pick, but offer a flavorful treat for the start of the fruit season. Lemon Creek Winery and Farm is located at 533 East Lemon Creek Road in Berrien Springs. They are also a winery, so you can stop in for some tastes, too! 

Blueberries at Jones Berry Farm
(269) 465-4745


Blueberry season is short and sweet. At Jones’ Berry Farm, you can pick a wide variety of blueberries while they last. This year, they are offering Draper blueberries, which are large, firm, and extra sweet. Sounds perfect for the kids! Jones Berry Farm is located at 9245 Gast Road in Bridgman. 

Peaches at Nye’s Apple Barn
(269) 429-0596


Donut and white peaches will be available for u-pick at Nye’s Apple Barn this season! Donut peaches (also known as Saturn peaches) have firm, sweet flesh, and they are more fragrant than other peach varieties. We can’t wait to walk through the orchards and smell summertime!

White peaches are great for all purposes (eating, canning, baking, you name it!) so we’ll be picking up quite a few of those, too. Nye’s Apple Barn is located at 3151 Niles Road in St Joseph. 


Enjoy your u-pick adventures this season! Look out for another post in July about where we will be picking apples.