Moxie’s Boutique is a family affair. Niki, Monica’s daughter, showed me around the store. On different days, you'll catch Monica herself, her daughter, Niki, and even Niki's daughter Farrah! The boutique is a creative space, with exposed brick, tin ceilings, colorful displays and zebra-striped chairs. 

The inside of the boutique; there's awesome original tin ceilings, and a vintage chandelier! 

When Moxie’s moved into the space, the ceiling was dropped, and plaster was covering the walls. The family went to the walls themselves with sledgehammers, and uncovered the original tin ceiling. Beautiful chandeliers hang over the merchandise; Niki tells me they were found in the basement! 

7.4BlueHutch  7.4PinkHutch
Creative displays at Moxie's Boutique

The renovation bug definitely bit this family. Instead of standard shelving and display cases, there are hutches, dressers, and even a church door painted and repurposed. Even the counter is a buffet table, giving the whole place a warm and welcoming feel. It’s much more like shopping in a creative friend’s living room than a big box store. 

The welcoming space extends to their customer service policy, too. When Monica founded the store, she was not a shopper herself. Her aim was to create a store that served women like herself, and provide an experience that gave customers a positive outlook on their personal style. Moxie’s Boutique aims to empower women with options that increase their confidence and maximize their own creativity, too. 

7.4HatsOnHats 7.4BlingContainer
More than clothes; here's some hats, as well as plenty of "bling"! 

In retail, the people who stock the store are thinking 9 months out (at least!). Niki says that when she and Monica shop, they shop for their customers. It’s not unusual for them to write names of the boutique’s repeat customers by certain colors and styles. It’s an awesome part of a small business, and serves the local community so well. They are personal shoppers, dedicated to finding pieces that flatter each individual that walks through the door. 

Moxie’s Boutique stocks lots of pieces, and they stand by the quality of that stock. Niki told me about their commitment to American and Canadian-made pieces, as well as the regional artists’ jewelry products they carry. In wintertime, Michigan artists are also featured in knit items. 

7.4JesusDressThe most popular dress at Moxie's Boutique

Niki showed me their most popular item (pictured above). She said this dress (they call it the “Jesus” dress because it forgives all flaws!) has been a best seller for 10 years. It’s versatile, flattering, and is American-made. 

Come check them out while you’re in town! Moxie’s Boutique is located at 321 State St in downtown St. Joseph, and are open Monday through Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and Saturday from 10:00-5:00pm. You can also find them on Facebook