As the sun rose on Saturday, August 6th, 36 artists from faraway places and local talent came to Broad Street to begin. We had outlined squares, filled some in with a white or black tempera, and had cases of chalk ready to go. From there, it was the artist’s space, where they invited us to watch their creative process. With a deadline of Sunday, August 7th at noon, they began. 


Here’s a look at the process, and the amazing finished pieces that held space in our little town by the lake for a few hazy days of summer. 

8.11Kim1 8.11Kim2

Artist: Kim Wood
Sponsor: Southwest Michigan Tourist Council

8.11Willie.5 8.11Willie1 8.11Willie2

Artist: Willie Zin
Sponsor: The Buck Burgers and Brew

8.11Tonya.5 8.11Tonya1 8.11Tonya2
Artist: Tonya Youngberg
Sponsor: Scooter Joe's

8.11Terralyn.5 8.11Terralyn1 8.11Terralyn2.5 8.11Terralyn3
Artist: Terralyn Lake

Look for two more posts on Chalk The Block coming this weekend! Read all about 3-D Art, and how one family is passing the chalk bug to a new generation.