The colorful French treat demands low temperatures in the oven, patience from the chef, and throws fits if the weather isn’t just right. The Bistro on the Boulevard in St. Joseph is graced with their presence, thanks to Mandy Krause, Pastry Chef. 

A Southwest Michigan native, Mandy’s journey to the Bistro began at the French Pastry School in Chicago. She attended after a stint as a server and years of baking show fandom, realizing that she could take her love of baking into a profession. After graduating from the French Pastry School, Mandy jumped for an adventure in South Dakota at CH Patisserie. It was here that Mandy learned about the magic of macarons. 

Made with almond flour, these treats are delicate cookies with a merengue or ganache. They are labor intensive, and yield an incredibly rich flavor with a light feel. Chef Mandy’s Krause’s come in all colors of the rainbow, with creative combinations like candy bar and chocolate raspberry. 

photography by Joshua Nowicki

In the next few years, and many macarons later, Mandy’s Michigan heart was calling home. She arrived at the Bistro on the Boulevard in March of 2016. The lakeside is home to Mandy, and her familiarity with the fruits of the landscape show just that. As the seasons progress, her menus change to highlight those. 

One of her staples for Sunday brunch is the house-made poptart, filled with seasonal goodness. Mandy is inspired by the flavors in Chef Cheyenne Galbraith and Sous Chef James Galbraith’s kitchen. It’s often produce from Ellis Farms in Southwest Michigan!

9.9BlueberryStrawberryPoptarts 9.9RaspberryPoptarts 9.9ApricotPoptart
Mandy's House-Made Poptarts for the Bistro on the Boulevard; photography by Joshua Nowicki

True to her French pastry roots, not all of the flavors are Michigan-made. She imports chocolate from France for her ganache, and gold leaf to make dessert at the Bistro “everyone’s luxury”. A luxury indeed…Mandy’s fall menu promises pumpkin tarts with caramel cremeux, mont blanc with chestnut cream and chocolate caramel, and apple cider donuts. 

Like the apple cider donuts, Mandy is not afraid to embrace the familiar. She even admitted to having a soft spot for Lofthouse cookies and Kellogg’s Poptarts (preferably cherry!). Mandy can sing the praises of pumpkin like a true 20-something female (Pumpkin Pie blizzard from DQ, yes please!). For pumpkin, her preferred spice blend is cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove.   

As fall moves in with flavors from local farms, we recommend a visit to the Bistro on the Boulevard for dinner and an amazing, luxurious dessert. If to-go is your style, Mandy’s “Mac Pacs” are available at any time; stop in and ask for 6! She'll also create desserts for special events. We’re following Mandy on Instagram for daily dessert updates, even for when you can’t make it in!

Mandy offers custom desserts for special events;
email for more. 

all photography by Joshua Nowicki