temperature graph from MLive.com

1.) Warmer Swimming

The average temperature of Lake Michigan off our local beaches is just 52 degrees in May; if you visit in September, it’s over 60! Combine the higher water temperatures with cooler air, and you feel like the water is even warmer (trust us, we tried it!).  


Here’s the average water temperatures for Southwest Michigan beaches, according to CoastWatch at MSU : 


May- 52.10 degrees

June- 56.65 degrees

July- 59.27 degrees

August- 61.35 degrees

September- 60.48 degrees

October- 56.44 degrees


If you swam in June, you can swim in October! Pumpkin swim, anyone? 

The sunset from Tiscornia Beach

2.) Sunset Times

There’s nothing like a West Michigan sunset. Each night, the spectacular show of orange, purple, red, pink, and blue packs Lake Bluff Park in downtown St. Joseph. The colors across the lake are amazing…but it can be a little late. Enter fall sunsets; by the end of September, we can see the nightly display at 7:30pm. To check what time you can watch, check out this website


9.19GoingUp    9.19Shadows
Shadows are a lot of fun this time of year!

3.) Open Beaches

It’s easy to get your favorite spot for that sunset, picnic, or swimming!  All summer, we’ve been jostling for our beach towel’s space in the sand. It’s a great feeling to hike over a dune to have your pick of location. The parking is a little easier too…you can even park for free after Labor Day behind the Silver Beach Center! 


We hope to see  you at the beach this fall, right here in Michigan's Great Southwest!