What’s truly impressive about float tanks is that almost every one of these benefits lasts for several days past the float itself. The longer and the more often the float tank is used the stronger the effects become, the longer they last, and the better off someone is when they come in to float again. This creates a positive spiral of recovery and health that simply works to reinforce itself, giving people a path and a means towards a better life.

a guest at Revive experiences the float pod



Pain Relief & Injury Recovery: In addition to the constant pain, physical injuries keep many people from working. Float tanks can help get people back to work and save companies money in worker’s comp. Expedite the healing of broken bones, expedite the healing in sprained joints, relief from back pain, relief from neck pain, spinal alignment. Promote structural alignment and physical rehabilitation. 

Medical Conditions: Arthritis, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Apoplexy or stroke, Ulcers. Migraine or tension headaches, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis, Depression, Burn out syndrome, Fertility issues, Temporomandibular (TMJ) Syndrome, Trichotillomania, Coronary heart disease 

Athletic Training: Lactic acid reduction, improved reaction time, physical recovery, injury recovery, injury prevention, visualization.

Strengthened Immune System The abundance of resources freed up while floating allows our body to reallocate that energy towards building up our defenses, giving us a nice boost of immunity during and after a float.



Stress Relief: Consistent floating can help alleviate all of the following: Hypertension, apoplexy or stroke, coronary heart disease, ulcers, migraine or tension headaches, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, depression, burn out syndrome, fertility issues, TMJ, trichotillomania….and more.     

Emotional Pain Relief: PTSD, Psychological Therapy, Autism, Insomnia, Jet lag, Addiction, Painkillers, Smoking, Alcohol, Narcotics. Enhanced creativity. Hemispheric Brain-wave Synchronicity: Enhanced problem solving, Enhanced cognitive ability. Super learning: Skill acquisition, Language acquisition, memorization. Susceptibility to Hypnosis & increased suggestibility. Weight loss. Overall Well Being.



Skin and hair health, Muscle and Joint Soreness, Magnesium (regulates and catalyze over 300 enzymes, facilitate calcium absorption, prevent diabetes, prevent asthma, prevent osteoporosis, prevent stroke, Prevent heart attack, shorten migraine symptoms, lessen the severity of PMS). Sulfates (Autism, Detoxification, Alleviate leaky gut, plays vital role in the formation of brain tissue, plays  a role in the formation of joint proteins.

Nancy Maryniak, Owner of Revive Spa

Everyone can benefit from floating, and Revive is proud to bring floating to Southwest Michigan! Their float pod and more is located at 313 Main St in St. Joe. For more information, or to schedule your own float session, call 269-982-3800, or visit www.reviveselfspa.com. You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram, too!