Starting with a classic...redone for cats! We're excited Fluffy won't be left out of stories by the fire with books like "The Night Before Cat-mas". 



Contact-wearing cat moms and dads can work on their night-vision too, with cat-eye contacts cases. 



Bring the sounds of felines on your bike! Even if the cat can't travel with you, this bike bell will make it feel like your little one is running beside. 



You can always look your best (and show the world your love of cats!) in these Grumpy cats shirts. 



Check out these realistic lion socks, where your feet can celebrate cats, too! Granted, these are some big cats...but felines none the less!



Of course, the cats themselves need to look their best, too. State Street Stuff carries awesome choices to match your cat's personality, from inflatable unicorn horns (in "good" and "evil" varieties) to cat bonnets (for the more traditional). 



Where would a cat be without their mice? And where would cheese be without mice? We love these "3 Blind Mice" cheese knives!



Or, if sweets are more your snacking style, check out these "deliciously sweet & firm" black licorice cats!



When there's not a tree big enough, here's emery boards for human claw sharpening...


State Street Stuff is located at 314 State Street in downtown St. Joseph. You can also find them on Facebook