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We've selected some Michigan made holiday gift ideas for lovers of the mitten state! Share your love for the Great Lakes state this holiday season.


MI Made PurelyMI

Purely Michigan

Whether you're a resident of the Great Lakes state of just a fan, Purely Michigan has the perfect gifts for the person who wants to show their Michigan pride. Owner Erik Youngquist helped us pick out two popular Michigan made items this holiday season!

Our first pick are the popular Uncle Goose® blocks that are handmade in Grand Rapids, MI. Using materials from around the Great Lakes and non-toxic child safe inks, these blocks make a great gift that will last a lifetime.

Up next are the history themed Michiganology puzzles made at the Michigan History Center in Lansing, MI. Michiganology "inspires curiosity about Michigan's history, creates ambassadors of Michigan pride, and connects people through a common Michigan identity." The images featured are from the historical collections of the Archives of Michigan. What a fun way to take  piece of Michigan history with you!

Find Purely Michigan at: 406 State Street in St. Joseph, MI 49085


MI Made Candlestick

The Candlestick Maker

Offering the area's largest selection of room fragrance, The Candlestick Maker also features local artisan crafts (22 local artists - majority in Berrien County), beach glass jewelry, wall prints, home decor, and more! We stopped by and talked to owner Ed Bennett to discover Michigan made products that would make great holiday gifts.

First up are the beautiful beach glass crafts! Stop by to check out a wide variety of beach glass items such as jewelry (necklaces, rings, etc.), Christmas trees, decorated photo frames, beach glass angel figurines, and more. These items help keep the beach and Lake Michigan close at all times!

Second up are the aromatic Waxy Candles made locally in Benton Harbor, MI! Hand poured and made from natural soybeans, these candles come in a variety of scents. Vanilla Hazelnut, Lavender, Cinnamon Stick, Pine Cone, Beach Linen, and many more! 

Find The Candlestick Maker at: 408 State Street in St. Joseph, MI 49085



This art co-op gallery showcases local artists from Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana. Featuring artisan jewelry, metal art, ceramics, paintings and portraits, photography, woodwork, and so much more! We selected five artists with different mediums to give you a peek at what they have to offer.


MI Made Chartreuse Barb

Based out of Stevensville, MI, Kirby's passion for photography was first sparked by her high school yearbook club and has continued to grow ever since. Some of her work featured at Chartreuse includes print, box canvases featuring downtown storefronts, greeting cards, magnets, coasters, ornaments, and paper crafts. 


MI Made Chartreuse Larry

As a pattern maker, Erdman's dad had a full workshop in their basement and a second one in their garage. Growing up around woodworking, Erdman wasn't sure that it was for him. In fact, it wasn't until he got married that he got back into woodworking. After teaching for twenty years at LMC, Erdman's retirement was short lived (one month) when he decided to jump back into woodworking full time! About a year later he finally had all of the big tools he needed and the rest is history. You can find Erdman's St. Joseph, MI based work at Chartreuse but he also specializes in refinishing furniture, antique restoration, and custom orders. Erdman says that he's still learning and always searching for ways to enhance his craft.


MI Made Chartreuse BOB

This Stevensville, MI based artist specializes in charcoal, pastel, and oil portraits. Williams has be drawing ever since he was a little kid. He took a special interest in portraits in seventh grade after he completed an art project before the rest of the class and his teacher gave him an additional assignment. Williams is self-taught, never having attended art school (fun fact: he is an electrical engineer by trade). After graduating college, he ran into a friend who taught a portrait workshop in Buffalo, NY. He attended the class and it was kismet. Williams studio is located in the Box Factory for the Arts where he also teaches portrait classes.


MI Made Chartreuse Dave

Now based in Watervliet, MI, Wheeler originally got into photography while he taught in Florida. One summer, Wheeler took a black and white photography class and he became hooked! Not having a lot of time with teaching, he was only able to do a few shows each summer. In 2008, after 36 years of teaching, Wheeler jumped back into photography after walking into a store to purchase a photography book. His work at Chartreuse includes prints, ornaments, coasters, and greeting cards. 


MI Made Chartreuse Lynn

Based in Stevensville, MI, Tan loves to work with clay. Tan is inspired by modern architecture and natural landscapes. After selling for about 10 years now, Tan says one of her most popular items is her bird feeder. Partial credit goes to Herald-Palladuim's Jeremy D. Bonfiglio, who featured Tan in an article one year and the bird feeders started to fly off the shelf. Tan assures everyone this holiday season that there are still bird feeders at her display inside Chartreuse and they make a great gift! However, bird feeders are not her only claim to fame. Tan can often be found making beautiful porcelain jewelry while working at Chartreuse. She says that she uses porcelain because it's lightweight and easier to wear. In addition to bird feeders and jewelry, Tan also makes clay cups, saucers, bowls and more! She begins by throwing on a potter's wheel and once she has a near perfect shape she takes it off and subtly reshapes the item to put her own mark on it. Check out Tan's work in Chartreuse or in her studio at the Box Factory for the Arts.


Find Chartreuse at: 304 State Street in St. Joseph, MI 49085