12 days of shopping

  • With just 12 days left of shopping until Christmas, it's time to see what some of our awesome local retailers have for those last-minute or hard to find gifts. 


    For the cat lady (or man) in your life, head over to State Street Stuff. The downtown St. Joseph store is filled to the brim with funky, whimsical, awesome and yummy stuff year-round. We found great gifts celebrating felines, "puurfect" for the cat lovers in your life. There's some creative ideas here...


  • With just 10 days of shopping left until Christmas, it's time to start checking off your list!


    We love gift certificates! It's an awesome way to give a gift you know they'll enjoy. We've rounded up lots of awesome specials for gift certificates in Southwest Michigan, so you can give a little more, or keep a little too (we won't tell!). 

  • We love shopping local this season, and there’s nothing like the gift of beer! Check out some wintery recommendations from our local brewers, offering an awesome paring for your holiday gathering, or unique gift for the microbrewery aficionado in your life.  


    And, if a tasty Southwest Michigan brew just isn’t enough, we’ve got a great recipe from Round Barn for a beer-y dessert sure to float your boat!

  • With just 9 days of shopping left until Christmas, we're looking to get creative! Check out some of these gift ideas for those who like to stay active all year round. 


    If you’re gifting to the active elf, why not help them explore more fitness fun in Southwest Michigan? Here’s a few ideas for the elf that’s more into cardio than candy!

  •  With just a few days of shopping left, here’s some ideas for sharing our lakeside best!


    Visions of Southwest Michigan sugarplums are dancing in our head! Check out these local treats for the holiday season, perfect for your gathering, gift-giving, or just enjoying a taste of the season. 

  • With just 11 days of shopping left until Christmas, it's time to see what some of our awesome local retailers have in store! 


    Whether you're a resident of the Great Lakes State or just a fan, PurelyMichigan has the perfect gifts for the person who wants to wear their Michigan pride. From mittens (of course) to shirts to jewelry, here's some ways for you to wear your Michigan love year-round.