• Fall is my favorite time of year, and Halloween is the crown jewel of the season. Throughout October, orange and black begin cloak, the sun hangs low in the sky, and pumpkin faces celebrate the darkening of the year. As the nights get longer and the wind howls a little louder, it’s easy to embrace the weird that comes with the season.   


    Blue Moon Vintage Market in Three Oaks, Michigan, is an awesome destination for some vintage and one-of-a-kind Halloween. This once-a-month shopping destination is curated by mother/daughter duo Vicki and Jen Kerr (you can find their story here), and offers their own picks as well as outside vendors’. Danielle Colby (of “American Pickers” fame) sells some of her collection here, and her eye for oddities and darker fun furnished some serious Halloween inspiration. 

    Blue Moon Vintage Market will be open Friday, October 21st through Sunday, October 23rd…and I don’t think any of these items will last! Here's just a few of the picks I found, from animal purses to oversized heads. 

  • When Jen and Vicki Kerr founded Blue Moon Vintage Market in Three Oaks, Michigan, they came armed with an eye for picks and an ear for history. There’s an inherit storytelling that comes with picking, as items from history become relevant again. From salvaged windmills to produce tables, the pieces at Blue Moon Vintage Market arrive with a story. 

    Jen and Vicki Kerr with one of Danielle Colby's picks; these are film reels from a drive-in theater!

  • What is a “picker”? 

    Looking through an old barn of rusty equipment and faded furniture, a “picker” is the one who climbs in, investigates, and leaves with the treasure. It’s the archaeologist before the antique store; it’s someone who rolls up their sleeves and jumps in get to the find. 

    Mom and daughter duo Vicki and Jen Kerr chase these finds together, going all-in to this modern day treasure hunt. 

    Vicki and Jen Kerr, founders, owners, and pickers of Blue Moon Vintage Market