• Saturday, May 21st was the 4th Annual BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass Festival hosted by St. Joseph Today. It was a perfect early summer day, with lots of great music and awesome bbq. Families and fans poured into Whirlpool Centennial Park below the bluff from 12:00pm-8:00pm, unofficially kicking off the summer season in St. Joseph. We can keep writing, but figured pictures would better show you the incredible day in Michigan's Great Southwest! 

    4th Annual BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass on May 21st, 2016

  • 11.7Jaxiest
    Superman Jax (Clementine Carragher) outside the OutCenter

    I first visited the Arts District in Benton Harbor on a vacation to find a brewery in a barn. Turns out it was the Livery, and my description was a little off, but the beer was tasty! I was instantly intrigued by the area, taken in by the creative energy. The buildings are sparse, and the spaces between teem with a gritty originality that can only be fostered by such an environment. I loved the vibe, and took that impression back to Maine with me each time I left. 

  • Not all chalk pieces are created to be seen from high above and remain untouched. For the 20th anniversary of Chalk the Block in downtown St. Joseph, Nate Baranowski created a piece to be viewed from a very particular angle, and he invited viewers to lie, sit, and interact with the piece. Sponsored by Southwestern Michigan College, Nate spent hours between Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th filling the corner of Broad Street with chalk. If you wanted to get an awesome picture of yourself at Chalk the Block, this was the place to be…


  • Chalk festivals have a fleeting nature; the pieces are created, viewed and swept away in short window of time. The community comes together in that brief interlude, celebrating the art, the people, and the place. This past weekend was the 20th annual festival in downtown St. Joseph, and chalk enthusiasts flocked to a piece of road above the bluff to experience just that. 

    chalking in progress at the 20th Annual Chalk The Block
    photo by Joshua Nowicki


  • For the 20th Annual Chalk the Block, a chalk workshop was offered by Nate Baranowski to inspire the next generation of chalk artists. Offering in the Box Factory for the Arts on Friday night, this workshop was filled, and created more eager chalk artists for our growing festival (hopefully!). Even beyond the workshop, young artists were more engaged than ever in Chalk the Block. Here's a look at a family piece, and more! 

    Beth Mandarino (center) has participated in Chalk the Block for a few years. This year, her grandsons came to the Chalk Workshop on Friday alongside her, and used their skills to help Beth create her piece! 

    Read on to see Beth's final piece, and more students in action!

  • Get to know the Benton Harbor Farmer's Market, a weekly event in City Center Park in downtown Benton Harbor! 

    7.19BHFM1 7.19BHFM3

  • Outdoor music in St. Joseph is a hallmark of summer! At the John E.N. Howard Bandshell, Wednesday noon and Friday night concerts are tradition. This year, we welcomed some young musicians to kick off the summer season!

    On May 23rd, Lake Michigan Catholic Schools presented their annual spring concert in a new venue- the John E.N. Howard Bandshell! The Monday night concert packed the bandshell with excited students, proud families, and community members. It was a perfect early summer night, and offered a chance for the community to support the young musicians in the area.  

  • Each Monday, we'll blog about our members! Our Member Monday posts will feature stories, pictures and ideas from the members that make up St. Joe Today.  

    Blossomtime Festival
    First Weekend in May
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    Driving into our corner of Southwest Michigan, you’ll find apple orchards, grape vineyards, and fields of strawberries. Come spring, the blossoms begin to show, and the landscape is filled with tiny dots of white and pink. It’s a beautiful sight for residents, and marks the beginning of a season that the area’s economy depends on. It’s also a sight that has attracted tourists for years, as they visited the “Fruit Belt”. While the blooms may come slowly at first, there is a definite start to the season. That’s the first weekend of May, when the Blossomtime Festival and Parade happens!


  • On Wednesdays, we "round up" some of our favorite things in Michigan's Great Southwest. This week, we're making plans for Memorial Day Weekend!

    Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! This is the official summer start date for a lot of businesses in Michigan’s Great Southwest, and we’re excited about what’s happening. Read on for some suggestions about how you can kick off summer, day-by-day!

    2015 Memorial Day parade- photo by Joshua Nowicki

    On Friday, the Memorial Day Parade goes down Lake Boulevard, starting at 12:00pm. Line up on either side of the street to celebrate local veterans, as well as hear the bands.

  • The Mike Yore Memorial Car Show was Friday, July 15th. Awesome cars from the early days of automobiles lined up on Lake Boulevard for a stroll down memory lane...as well as creating some pretty serious car envy! Take a look at some of the best finds of the night, with photos by St. Joseph Today Intern Emily Schrock. 

    The Mike Yore Memorial Car Show is an annual event; hope to see you in 2017, too!


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