• 6.27LazyBallerina

    Lazy Ballerina Winery sits on State St. in downtown St. Joseph. The huge windows in the front give a clear view to a pink bar with tutu barstools, a leather couch and sleek chairs. It’s pretty, but packs a punch with their wine, food, and extremely popular events.    In March, I spent the afternoon with Melanie and Lauren, the co-owners of and the creative genius behind Lazy Ballerina Winery. On June 25th, they celebrated their first anniversary in downtown St. Joseph!  

  • 'Tis the season for red, white and blue! This Monday, we're featuring Moxie's Boutique...a local family business dedicated to stocking lots of American-made products. 

    Seasonal window at Moxie's Boutique in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan

    Moxie’s Boutique is celebrating 10 years on State Street in St. Joseph! Founded by Monica Bolin after a corporate career, the red and black striped boutique stands at the corner of State and Pleasant, offering residents and locals a unique, full-service shopping experience.


  • What is a “picker”? 

    Looking through an old barn of rusty equipment and faded furniture, a “picker” is the one who climbs in, investigates, and leaves with the treasure. It’s the archaeologist before the antique store; it’s someone who rolls up their sleeves and jumps in get to the find. 

    Mom and daughter duo Vicki and Jen Kerr chase these finds together, going all-in to this modern day treasure hunt. 

    Vicki and Jen Kerr, founders, owners, and pickers of Blue Moon Vintage Market

  • Standing at the corner of Broad and State St., the Hot Dog Kart is a destination for residents and visitors, with a hotly anticipated arrival each season. They are famous for their Chicago-style hot dogs, loaded with the traditional toppings.  For this Wednesday’s Round-Up, let’s talk Chicago-style hot dog toppings (as well as a great family business!). 

    So what is a Chicago-style hot dog? It's a combination of tangy, sour, sweet, and seems strange at first glance. Here’s the building blocks:

    7.6PoppyseedBun7.6TheFrank     7.6YellowMustard

    poppyseed bun + all-beef franks + yellow mustard


    chopped white onions + tomato wedges + dill pickle spears

    7.6SportPeppers7.6CelerySalt  7.6SweetPickleRelish

    sport peppers + celery salt + sweet green relish