• On Wednesdays, we "round up" some of our favorite things in Michigan's Great Southwest. This week, we're sharing where you can find some creative KitchenAid! 


    The Senior PGA Tournament is coming to Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor! This is an internationally recognized golf tournament that brings a lot of traffic to our area. It’s sponsored by KitchenAid, so to get the community involved, KitchenAid hosts “Stand Mixers on Parade”!

    Stand Mixers on Parade brings the famous KitchenAid Mixers to storefronts, schools and businesses in Michigan’s Great Southwest, donating them to charity at the end of the tournament. In early March, 30 of our members claimed the mixers. They got creative with paint, fillings, shellac, and more.

    Click to see them in action!