Miss SW Michigan Scholarship Pageant

620 Broad St., St. Joseph, 49085 (directions)


In the summer of 2009, the Miss Michigan Organization came to  the Blossomtime Festival and asked them  to  host  an open pageant preliminary in the Southwest corner of the sate.  “we were thrilled and honored to be a part of such a long standing organization” stated Board President Anna Abdelnour.  That was the sentiment felt by the entire Blossomtime organization.  The Blossomtime Festival is the oldest and largest multi-community Festival and has been in the pageant business since 1923 when Katherine Burrell was the first chosen Miss Blossomtime.  So it seemed a perfect match!

In 2010 the first Miss Southwest and Miss Southwest Outstanding Teen Pageant was held and crowned Elizabeth Wertenberger (Miss) and Roxie Elliott (Teen).  The Miss Southwest pageant is an open pageant and welcomes all young women in the state of Michigan to compete.  It is the only local pageant  in the great Southwest that is a pre-qualifier to the Miss Michigan Competition.  The Miss Southwest  Scholarship Pageant follows the Miss America guidelines.  In 2011, we will also be adding a Little Miss Southwest Pageant for young ladies ages  7-10.