Sister Lakes Corridor Improvement Authority

P.O. Box 65, Hartford, 49057 (directions)


The Sister Lakes Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) was formed in 2009, with these broad goals: (1) to redevelop the commercial corridor, to try to prevent further property value deterioration and increase property tax valuation; and (2) correct and prevent deterioration, encourage historic preservation and promote economic growth. In short, the CIA seeks to revitalize the Sister Lakes business corridor through community projects to create exciting recreation possibilities and attract new business and visitor interest to the Sister Lakes area.  


Some of the tangible ways the CIA seeks to do this include the creation of walking and biking lanes, business façade improvements, the construction of a safe and attractive 95th Street Bridge, drainage improvements, and streetscaping (installation of streetlights, sidewalks, street landscaping and furniture, banners and underground location of utilities). As a step towards these goals, the CIA recently purchased a fleet of bicycle racks to install at local businesses to encourage alternative transportation and support of local businesses.


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