Yo-Bubbs Frozen Desserts

319 State Street, St. Joseph, 49085 (directions)


Yo-Bubbs is a family owned self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream shop, which opened in 2013.  We are located at 319 State Street.

We offer 18 decadent flavors of premium frozen Yogurt, Custard, Gelato, Gelati, Sorbet & Italian Ice.  All are made with real fruit purees, indulgent cocoas, vanilla beans, cookies and more.  New flavors are rotated in daily. Our frozen yogurts have "Certified Live & Active Cultures" containing 5 culture strains, plus 3 probiotics.

Grab a cup or waffle cone and "Fill it Up" with as many of the 18 flavors that you want. Then "Top It," choosing from over 36 toppings at our topping bar, ranging from healthy fruits and nuts, to candies, boba balls, mochi, cookie dough, cheesecake bites, and more. Don't forget to add your favorite syrup, sprinkles & whipped cream at the syrup bar. Then "Weigh It," paying by the ounce for your yogurt creation.  Make your creation as big or small, as healthy or decadent as you like...you are limited only by your own imagination.