Krasl Art Center Visiting Artist Workshop: Nathaniel Stern

Event by Krasl Art Center

Sat. January 28, 2023 | 10:00am - 12:00pm


Pre Registered Event; free


Reconsider the life cycle of objects while using e-waste as planters. Artist Nathaniel Stern “roots trees in laptops, grows molds and fungi in and around tablets, injects watches, phones, and cameras with spores and microscopic life – then lets each flower, flourish, incubate, and spread.” Inspired by Stern’s exhibition, and led by the artist himself, participants will dissect old electronics to repurpose them as containers for houseplants. Materials included in the workshop fee.

[Image description: Artist Nathaniel Stern seated at a desk in front of his art installation, ‘The Wall After Us’. Nathaniel is propping his feet up on a chair, holding a cell phone, and grinning. He is wearing bright yellow glasses, a pink shirt with blue plaid suit jacket, a smart watch, and bright orange sneakers. On the desk, there is a coffee cup and old iMac laptop. Green plants are growing from the watch, cell phone, laptop, and other electronic devices hanging on the wall behind him.]

Admission: Pre registered event; free

Contact: Matthew Bizoe | (269) 983 0271 |

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