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Local decision-making ensures it.

There are few things more personal than your finances. So, it’s important to have someone you can trust to discuss your most basic to complex goals for yourself or your business.

As your real local bank, Edgewater Bank understands the financial opportunities and obstacles you face right here. So, we can direct you to personal accounts, residential mortgages, investment and wealth management services that will help you and your family be financially secure. Or we can assist you in growing your business or professional practice. More importantly, we have the leverage to make things happen for you. All decisions are made locally so you get prompt responses, competitive rates and quick turnarounds.

It's like working with a concierge. When you stop by your nearby branch office or get in touch with us, you will work with a local banker who is knowledgeable about all aspects of banking that apply to your needs. We will listen to your wishes, explore the best options and be your advocate to help make them take place. When necessary, you can talk to us after hours or meet with us at your office or home. Providing unparalleled service is how we do banking.

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