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When You’re New: We want to make you feel comfortable at The Shore. When you come to The Shore, you will be welcomed by a greeter who will help you to know where to sign your children in and where you are headed. You will be given a welcome packet with a connection card that you can fill out to share with us anything you want us to know about you and you can drop your connection card in the offering when it goes by.

Music: We enjoy worshiping God with music at The Shore. We believe that any instrument can be used by God if the heart of the musician is to glorify Him so our worship includes many different instruments. We also believe that there is value in all kinds of music so we enjoy a blended worship service that includes contemporary praise and worship as well as hymns played in a contemporary style.

Clothes: All we ask is that you wear some! People come to The Shore as they are. Some people choose to dress up (mostly business casual) and many come in blue jeans (flip-flops welcome!). We aren’t concerned with your attire, we are interested in you.

Money: If you are visiting The Shore, you are under no obligation to give when the offering is taken. We aren’t interested in your money, we are interested in you. You will notice that many people will give. We do this as an act of worship toward God in recognition that all that we have belongs to Him and in obedience to the Bible where we are asked to give back to Him.

Children: We aim to have an exciting children’s church program so that not only are your children learning about God, but they are also having a great time.

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