St. Joseph Today Gift Certificates

St. Joseph Today Gift Certificates can be purchased at the St. Joseph Today Welcome Center located at 301 State Street. Certificates are available in increments up to $50.00 and can be redeemed at the locations listed here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my gift certificate?
Redeem your gift certificate at any participating member location (found in the Gift Certificate Guide). When you are ready to check out, present the gift certificate as part or all of your payment.

Does my gift certificate expire?
Based on the state laws in Michigan, your gift certificate expires 5 years from its date of purchase.

I visited a location listed in the guide, but they would not accept my gift certificate, what should I do?
Please contact the Welcome Center to receive assistance - 269-985-1111 or email

Where can I purchase a gift certificate?
St. Joseph Today gift certificates can be purchased at the St. Joseph Today Welcome Center, located at 301 State Street in downtown St. Joseph.

Why is there a $2 transaction fee for my gift certificate purchase?
A $2 transaction fee is charged when gift certificates are purchased. This fee is per transaction not per gift certificate (For example, if three $10 certificates are purchased at once, the transaction fee is still $2). The transaction fee helps cover the costs of the certificate program.

I am a member of St. Joseph Today, but I do not see my business listed. Can I redeem certificates?
Yes, as a member of St. Joseph Today your business can redeem gift certificates. To be added to the list of participating locations fill out this form or contact the Welcome Center at 269-985-1111 (or by email at