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"Christian community is not merely a concept to be taught but a reality to be lived." - Pope John Paul II

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is a Preschool through the 12th-grade school system with two locations. OLL is a traditional, comprehensive, Catholic school system upholding a longstanding tradition of academic excellence and Christian values. OLL is accredited by the Michigan Non-Public Schools Accrediting Association.  

Our Lady of the Lake recognize parents as the primary educators of their children. it is with the active involvement of our parents that we provide a uniquely Catholic educational experience which encompasses the whole person: spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical. Together we strive for excellence in order to develop the students' potential into talents and abilities channeled for the service of God and the betterment of humankind and self, by modeling upon the life of Jesus Christ in His teachings as handed down by the Catholic Church. 

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School will: 

-emphasize commitment to Church which fosters the spiritual growth of students

-collaborate to meet the individual needs of students

-develop servant leaders

-stress critical thinking skills in the light of moral reasoning

-foster and strengthen self-discipline

-develop a responsibility for peace and justice

-enhance students' ability to function in a technological world

-challenge students to continue to develop their potential as a life-long learner

These hope-filled students, rooted in our Catholic tradition, will be eager to face, in faith and trust, an uncertain future with a critical, reflective, creative, and peaceful anticipation.  

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