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Natural Choices provides you with up-to-date techniques specializing on reducing stress, preventing chronic disease, and relieving chronic pain.  Jane Oelke, ND, PhD. is the Naturopathic Doctor with 30 years serving clients in the southwest Michigan area. She offers specific functional medicine biofeedback health evaluations to find out what is causing your symptoms and stressing you. Then she recommends individualized homeopathic remedies, targeted nutrition, and energy medicine techniques to improve your health. Come and find what your body needs to get healthy!

Services offered are:
Limbic Stress Assessment - Using computerized biofeedback we find out what energetic imbalances show up relating to organs, food intolerances, toxins, immune weakness, nutrition, hormones, metabolism and emotions. Then we measure the effects of remedies and supplements to discover which ones support you best.

Rife Scalar Energy Therapy - Experience frequency therapy sitting in a scalar energy field while receiving specific Rife frequencies to improve circulation, reduce pain, and / or clear stuck pathogens.

Preventive Thermography - Using an HD camera, pictures are taken showing areas of heat in the body relating to inflammation. We do breast thermography as an option to find areas of vascular congestion in the chest area. We also can see the rate of healing after an injury.

Ondamed PEMF Therapy - This energy therapy improves circulation in the tissues to help healing occur. This therapy is used often to reduce sugar addiction, improve neuropathy symptoms, and reduce pathogens like Lyme bacteria. A handheld device is also available for specific areas in pain.

Health and Wellness Coaching - As a Nationally Certificed Health and Wellness Coach, I work with clients to improve lifestyle medicine health daily habits.

Brain Health Support - As a Dr. Amen Licensed Brain Trainer and Health Professional, I work with clients with anxiety, depression, ADD, dementia to discover ways to improve brain health. I teach Brain Fit classes to groups as requested. 


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